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In non-sewered areas, septic tanks systems were once the norm. As more Councils require stringent effluent discharge quality, the installation of aerobic treatment units (ATUs) is steadily increasing. These whole-house systems treat all wastes to a secondary standard and the discharge water can then be used to irrigate gardens.

ATU’s are biological systems and they require servicing and maintenance by experienced, registered service technicians. Furthermore, pumps and blowers use electricity and occasionally need replacement. All of this adds on-going costs to the overall operation of the system, but up to 200,000L each year can be used to irrigate lawns and gardens. There are many types of ATUs in the marketplace, but typically they cost about $15,000 fully installed for a Residential Fuji Clean CE1500EX model.

We are one of the proud agents for the latest greywater and blackwater recycling (ATU) system, the Fuji Clean ATU Systems - Residential and Commercial models.With approval granted in Australia 2010, Fuji Clean is taking Australia by storm. We have had a lot of interest and sales of the Fuji Clean. This Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) can only be installed in non-sewered areas such as in the hills and country WA.

With over 40,000 installations annually worldwide, we are confident that this system with it's smart Japanese design, long warranty, ease of maintenance and low operational costs will be a firm favourite for Australian families.

Dr Ross Mars has said, "This is one of the best combined recycling systems on the market, where you can re-use your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilet wastewater all via the one convenient system".

Residential - Fuji Clean CE1500EX - Click here

Commercial - Fuji Clean CE 4200 & 6000 - Click here

One of our Installations featured on The West Real Estate Program!

This episode of the West Real Estate Program on Chn 7 shows Water Installations installing a Fuji Clean system in Darlington, WA, during Oct and Nov 2014.

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Service & Maintenance

There is a legal requirement to have a written service agreement with an authorised service provider should you wish to get your Fuji Clean system serviced.

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