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In non-sewered areas, septic tanks systems were once the norm. As more Councils require stringent effluent discharge quality, the installation of aerobic treatment units (ATUs) is steadily increasing. These whole-house systems treat all wastes to a secondary standard and the discharge water can then be used to irrigate gardens. More here>

A septic tank is a watertight chamber, typically made of concrete or plastic, that is used for primary treatment. Wastewater flows from the whole house into the tank/s. Settling and anaerobic (without air) processes reduce solids and organics, but the treatment is only moderate.
The first tank or chamber holds gross solids, while the second tank or chamber allows sedimentation of some suspended solids before it passes into the leach field. More here>

We are authorised Service and Maintenance Agents for the Biolytix BF6 Systems. There is a legal requirement to have these systems serviced regularly and to have a written service agreement with an authorised service provider, should you wish to get your Biolytix system serviced. 

We recommend servicing every six months so that we can keep a better eye on the system to maintain optimum function. More here>

Greywater is the wastewater stream from all sources other than the toilet (toilet water is often called blackwater or sewage). Kitchen greywater is not normally included because it contains too much grease and fats. Reusing greywater is an effective way to water your gardens by capturing greywater from laundries and bathrooms. 

Furthermore, you can undertake the servicing requirements yourself, thus reducing your costs. More here>


Graf’s KLARO Commercial wastewater systems come in a range of options to suit site and client requirements. Options include modular, packaged, mobile and containerized solutions. All systems are tailored to actual operating flows and site conditions. Graf's approach to wastewater is simple but steadfast. 

Maximum operating reliability…. how do they achieve this? All wastewater transfer processes take place through air-lift technology. The air supply is fed through membrane diffusion, which is mounted on stainless steel manifolds. All electrical parts are located outside the container in a secure control box. By reducing mechanical components we remove the incidence of failure.  More here>


The Rootzone reed bed treatment systems contain special media and wetland macrophytes (plants) which provide sites for bacteria  and other organsims which undertake the digestion of household wastes into simpler substances. Rootzone is environmentally-friendly technology in wastewater and sludge treatment. Water Installations has the expertise to design and implement cost effective, ecological engineering solutions that protect your investment and the environment using appropriate technology for the treatment of domestic and commercial waste water.  More here>

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Unit 1 / 18 Wandeara Crescent | Mundaring WA 6073